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Founded in 1981, ABIOVE, the Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Industries, represents 17 companies producing meal, vegetable oils and biodiesel, cooperates in the implementation of sector policies, promotes sustainability programmes and generates the statistics used in sectorial studies.

Among the main commodities in its field of activities are soy, sunflower, castor beans and corn, crops from which oils and fats are extracted for use in the food sector and which are the basis for a broad range of products.

Soy is the oilseed most produced in Brazil, and it is the country’s most important agricultural crop in terms of the value of its production, supplying the domestic market with beans, edible oil and biodiesel, as well as meal for use in swine and poultry production.  Furthermore, it contributes decisively to Brazil’s trade balance through exports, accounting for 50% of global soy trading.


ABIOVE cooperates with public sector policies, develops sustainability programmes and promotes Brazilian products abroad, in addition to generating statistics and studies supporting sectorial strategies.

Bylaws and Code of Practice
01 Jan 1970

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01 Jan 1970

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ABIOVE’s Board represents the Association’s member companies when making decisions.  The mandate of the current representatives expires in February 2022.

President – Blairo Maggi
Vice President – Paulo Sousa (Cargill)


Luciano Botelho
Jayson Lee

Gunnar Nebelung
Ricardo Tomczyk

Júlio Garros
Rossano de Angelis

Paulo Sousa
Ricardo Nascimbeni

Guilherme Tancredi
Alessandro Reis

Guilherme Achcar
Beatriz Barrionuevo

Murilo Parada
Henrique Snitcoviski


Meet the ABIOVE team:

André Meloni Nassar

ABIOVE’s Executive President since March 2018. He is one of ICONE’s and Agroicone’s founders. In 2015 and 2016, he was the Secretary for Agricultural Policy in the Ministry of Agriculture and chaired EMBRAPA’s Board of Directors. He graduated from ESALQ/USP with a degree in Agronomical Engineering, and has a master’s degree and a PhD from FEA/USP.

Daniel Furlan Amaral

ABIOVE’s Chief Economist since 2012, joined the association in 2007 and is responsible for the its economic and sectorial analyses, most notably of the soya and biodiesel production chains. In 2006 and 2007, he was the economist for ICONE, the Institute for International Trade Negotiations. Amaral has a graduate degree in Economics from the University of São Paulo School of Economics, Business Administration and Accounting (FEA-USP), with a Master’s degree and a PhD in Applied Economics from the same university’s “Luiz de Queiroz” College of Agriculture (ESALQ-USP).

Bernardo Pires

ABIOVE’s Sustainability Manager since 2010, responsible for the Association’s programmes related to sustainability in the soy chain. He has also worked for the Ministry of the Environment and Veracel Celulose company. He graduated from the Federal University of Viçosa with a degree in Forest Engineering and has a master’s degree in Ecology, Forestry and Forest Sciences.

Dalton Moreira

ABIOVE’s Tax Manager and Legal Counsel. With over 20 years in this field, she has also worked for Ernst & Young, Rede Energia and CNI. She has a graduate Law degree from the Londrina State University and a master’s degree in State Law from PUC/SP and an MBA from FEA/USP.

Aline Lazzarotto

ABIOVE’s Sustainability Coordinator, responsible for the Sectorial Programs of Reversal Logistics, Cycle of Life, and Greenhouse Gases. Master’s degree in Environmental Management from the University of East Anglia, in England, she worked for great institutions such as Bradesco Bank and Coca-Cola Institute.

Pedro Moré Garcia

ABIOVE’s Sustainability Specialist, supports the economy and sustainability departments. Graduated in Production Engineering from the São Judas Tadeu University, he also worked as Administrative Assistant for FRVasques accounting company.

Natália Torres

ABIOVE's Sustainability Analyst, works on oil and packaging Reverse Logistics. Technician in Administration and graduated in Environmental Management from the University of São Paulo (School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities, EACH-USP), she worked as an environmental educator in socioenvironmental and solid waste management projects at the Municipal Secretariat for Green and Environment and the Muda Group.

Jorge Petryszin

ABIOVE's Infrastructure and Logistics Analyst, responsible for subjects related to transport infrastructure (roads, railways and waterways) and bulk logistics. Graduated in Civil Engineering and Master's in Civil Engineering at Universidade São Judas Tadeu.

Alice Motta

Secretary of ABIOVE's President

Abiove’s History

ABIOVE, the Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Industries, was founded on 11 June 1981 with the objective of representing the companies in the soy production chain.

The Association currently has 17 member companies that produce soybeans, meal and oil, in addition to diverse products for the food markets, including fats, margarine, and vegetable creams, lecithin, tocopherol and proteins.

One of ABIOVE’s objectives is to support its member companies, cooperate in the implementation of the policies governing the sector, promote sustainability programmes for the production chain, generate statistics and prepare sectorial studies.

Fact Sheet
16 Jan 2020

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16 Jan 2020
Value and Biodiesel

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16 Jan 2020

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16 Jan 2020

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16 Jan 2020

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